Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Riddles or questions?

1) Dry corn kernals that have had the hulls removed, and have been broken into bits and boiled for food.

2) A slipper made of soft leather.

3) Lima beans and kernals of corn cooked together.

4) An animal related to the rabbit, with a thick body and coarse fur; it burrows into the ground and sleeps all winter

Riddles or questions?





Slipper Pattern?

I got these really cute crocheted slippers and I am looking for a pattern. They have a leather sole and they are crocheted up the knee. Do you have any idea what they are called and where I can get a free pattern.

Slipper Pattern?
I don%26#039;t know what they%26#039;re called, but I know you can find free knitting and crocheting patterns for almost anything by using Google or Dogpile. Type into the search box something like %26quot;crochet pattern slipper boot free%26quot; and hit Enter. I%26#039;ve found that putting the nouns first helps me get more of what I am looking for and less of what I%26#039;m not.
Reply:I know that Lionbrand.com has a pattern for crochet %26quot;cottage slippers%26quot; that might be what you are looking for. I also did a search for crochet Mukluks, since that sounds like what you are describing. Here is a pattern for knitting, it is not free but I thought you would like to see what it looked like. http://spincraftpatterns.com/index.php?c...

This sight has something about everything and is the best place on the intermet to find free craft patterns. I chrochet myself but if you don%26#039;t I%26#039;m sure they have patterns in your preferd fiber art form.

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Is there any 'ethnic' clothing you would like or do like to wear? Things with embroidery and braid?

Embroidered Tibetan boots with fur at the top ... or those beautiful silk damask hats the Tiubetans wear with the big brims with fluffy fur and the ribbons dangling down the back ...

Or clothes the Indian men wear when in high spirits!

Moroccan burnooses ... and slippers with embroidery and tooled leather ..

Or embroidered silk vests with great loose shirts?

Anything you have seen in the movies or on stage and then copied for yourself somehow? Especially Shakespeare ... or the Ballet ...

Even one or two things with ordinary western clothes looks terrific, don%26#039;t you think?


Is there any %26#039;ethnic%26#039; clothing you would like or do like to wear? Things with embroidery and braid?
I love embellishment clothing. High street joint company Monsoon and Accessorize are perfect for this style.

They have so much nice items, often cotton tops with small detailings of embroidery to bags and purses covered with sequins and buttons.

If i could go back in time, i would choose the 1920%26#039;s - 1950%26#039;s. This era was about the start of fashion - and clothes were tailored and finely made to fit. I love the wrap macs, curly blonde hair and those beret style hats that were popular back then, always with leather gloves on, and expensive jewellery.
Reply:Pretty much everything I own is made in China or Taiwan. Does that count?
Reply:african attire

Reply:I%26#039;ve got myself a Korean hanbok to wear on special occasions. I%26#039;ve also got a traditional Vietnamese outfit. Yes, a bit naff for a Westerner, but I%26#039;ve only had compliments so far!
Reply:I went to the Punjab Market area of Vancouver BC and bought a shalwar kameez five or six years ago. Very intricate embroidery in gold thread, cutwork, etc.

I paid $70 Canadian at the time and was VERY surprised it didn%26#039;t cost more.

It is now my evening/special occasion outfit.
Reply:I used to live in the Ivory coast and women there wear suits made of %26quot;pagne%26quot; or loincloth it is 100% cotton traditional material with bold and colourful and I love it, they look so elegant with there suit on, they are usually tailor made for the individual and follows trends. have a look at this link it show a african fashion show in Cameroun http://www.cameroun-plus.com/news/n0345/...


A Merry Xmas and a SAFE and happy New Year to all you lot out there in the ether xxxx?

Always wear something when your having sex over this festive season... and I don%26#039;t mean a pair of leather gloves, speedos and comfy slippers hhahahahahh... be safe you lot xxxxxxx

A Merry Xmas and a SAFE and happy New Year to all you lot out there in the ether xxxx?
Lol Honey you have a Wonderful Xmas,pls dont forget your own advice,and yeah you have a wonderful and a succesful New Year and I hope all your dreams for this coming Year comes true.God Bless you and your loved ones.xxxxx
Reply:What%26#039;s wrong with comfy slippers?

Reply:Happy Holidays to you, too!
Reply:you too x
Reply:And the same to you mate, have a good one. All the best.
Reply:Same to you.

Reply:Indeed. Have a Merry Christmas my dear :0) xx
Reply:The same to you Eam and i always take my mack out with me,,just in case,,,
Reply:and you
Reply:Thank you.

Have yourself a very merry christmas too.

Hope Santa brings you what you want! ;-)

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If you could own any item(s) throughout history, what would it be?

I would want Dorothy%26#039;s ruby slippers...or The Ramones%26#039; leather jackets worn in Rock %26#039;n Roll Highschool... =) How about you?

If you could own any item(s) throughout history, what would it be?
A brooch or a pair of earrings of Princess Diana%26#039;s, and a farmhouse that%26#039;s 100-200 years old...to move it here just outside the city where I live...set it on 20 acres or so and fix it up to how I%26#039;d like it....keeping it%26#039;s charm of coarse!

Boy, am I dreaming...lol
Reply:the cross ..with jesus still stuck on it ,
Reply:fabergee%26#039;s egg
Reply:A brand new 1967 Shelby Mustang
Reply:I%26#039;d like to own michael jacksons thriller jacket!! Could you imagine how much it%26#039;d sell for on ebay!! xx
Reply:nuclear missles and and a rocket and a space station. and a couple 2 dollar bills. and a supply of ritz crackers
Reply:Something very valuable from The Beatles.
Reply:an original of the Declaration of Independence - think of the cash that would bring on eBay!!
Reply:Fort Knox.

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Looking for a pair of ballerina/slipper flats ♥?

Honestly I dont care about the price, but I really dont prefer a cheap shoe. I have quiet the shoe collection, but I was wondering if anyone could help me widen it :] I have 3 pairs the Juicy Couture ballerina flats, all different ones and some other flats w/o a heel. I prefer a shoe that bends w/ no heel, like a slipper. %26amp;%26amp; also something not leather, but leather is fine. Thanks :]]] ♥♥♥

Looking for a pair of ballerina/slipper flats ♥?


La Redoute


American Eagle

Apple Bottoms

Hot Topic

House Of Dereon


Old Navy

Island Surf

Pac Sun









Rue 21 # 1

Forever 21 # 2

Wet seal #3

charlotte russe #4


Old Navy

American Eagle

Limited Too

Hot Kiss






Hot Couture

Juicy Couture

Gianna%26#039;s closet boutique

Baby Phat

Fashion Bug





JC Penny%26#039;s


Divine Casuals
Reply:yeah i would definititely check www.aldo.com and www.urban outfitters.com too.

They have a lot of those kinds of shoes so check those places out [:
Reply:Look at different shoe stores online.
Reply:i have ballet flats that bend but i think theyre leather, im not sure. but its from nine west.
Reply:I suggest you go to www.zappos.com. Although most of the shoes are over $59.99, you can occasionally find a pair you like on sale for $39.99. The prices are worth it because the shoes are of excellent quality. You can shop by brand or do an open search of any brand by entering your size, color of shoe, width and heel height (one of the options is %26quot;flat%26quot;). There is no delivery charge and the shoes arrive in one to two days. I seldom buy shoes from anywhere else.
Reply:oo definately check akira shoes and aldos..i bought black leather shoes that bend but they have a tiny kitten heel from aldos for $20...also check urbanoutfitters.com

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